“Gheorghe Lazar” National College is situated in the center of Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. It is the second oldest high school in Bucharest, founded in 1860. Its long-standing reputation situates the high school among the top ranking Romanian educational institutions. There are about 1300 students, aged 10 to 19. The mainstreams are mathematics-informatics, natural sciences, social sciences and philology. After graduation a great number of students have become great personalities in science, politics, arts and literature.
“Gheorghe Lazar” has been in the top four high schools from Bucharest in terms of desirability for many years now; only students with high grades are accepted to this institution. Nevertheless, it has also successfully integrated physically disabled students.
Our school management is based on students’ development skills for their future social integration, and from this respect school management involved over 85 teachers in several programmes of professional development, aimed to help them to increase their abilities in working with students.
The current policy of our school management is in accordance with according with European education policies. It aims to infuse the current school activities with practices and tools that facilitate the socio-professional integration of our students, that make them become aware of the challenges that await them on the labor market within free competition environment.


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