This output aims at defining specific key competences in the field of social entrepreneurship for secondary school students. Partners will consider the existing good practices collected (through EU and non-EU projects) and their previous experience on the topic.
In particular, the Consortium will mainly focus on the specific characteristics of social enterprises:

  • pursue: their goals are aimed at addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges rather than profit
  • activity: their sustainable approach
  • resource availability&management: their intervention characterized by less financial resources, but with more engaged/enthusiastic human resources
  • impact: their attention to the consequences of a business on the local community, the market, the society and the environment.

The definition of these competences will be done by Partners from 6 Countries, considering the requirement of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). This approach guarantees the flexibility and adaptability to other national contexts and also facilitates its transferability all over Europe.