Output 3

The objective of this Output is to design and develop the ToolKit for educating secondary school students on social entrepreneurship. These instruments and tools will be in line with the training program developed in the previous Output. Moreover, in order to support teachers to implement this ToolKit the project will also provide practical guidelines. The innovative aspect of these tools and instruments is the added value they endorse since they provide a set of supportive materials for both teachers and students, giving a special attention to address relevant topics (e.g. market opportunities analysis, personal attitudes and competences required for social business management, organizational models, legislative and financial rules, financial literacy etc.) on a practical rather than a theoretical level.


In class training material

Tools that are focused on social entrepreneurship, or social factors and are easy to use in class


Step by Step guide

How to become an entrepreneur

Self-assessment tool

How much of a social entrepreneur are you?

Play the SHOOT game

Invite your friends to join the SHOOT game!

Additional games


The videos presents to students the following four (4) topics:

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