Multiplier Events

The Project foresees the organization of one European Seminar, five National Workshops and one Final Dissemination Conference.

The European Seminar will be held in Romania in order to raise awareness about the need for social entrepreneurship education at school level and enhance the reforming process of ITE and CPD courses in order to include this subject as compulsory.

The five National Workshops will be organized in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, The Netherlands and Spain aimed at promoting, testing and validating the project outputs and collecting feedback and inputs for final fine tuning and exploitation.

The Final Dissemination Conference, held in Italy, will be the conclusive event of the Project, an occasion to officially present all the project’s outcomes but also to bring a relevant contribution to the project consultation and to collect feedback at Italian and European level.

The Project Coordinator will lead the Conference organization in collaboration with Effebi Association and other Italian school organizations involved as support partners (e.g. USR Lazio).

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