The consortium aims to define the social entrepreneurship competences – EnSoEd Competences (IO1). The next step will be to define an appropriate Training Programme (IO2) for ITE and CPD of secondary school teachers, in line with actual needs and challenges related to the integration of social entrepreneurship education in the schools. This activity will include also the development of pedagogical contents and training materials. Partners will also elaborate the training curricula, in line with the training needs identified and the learning outcomess defined in IO1.

The training programme will developed through a collaborative approach as all partners will contribute to the structure and modules’ creation according to their experience and competences. Partners will also design and develop the educational toolkit (IO3) for enhancing secondary school teachers and students’ approach on social entrepreneurship. Moreover, in order to support teachers to implement this toolkit the project will also provide guidelines. The toolkit will include a self-assessment online tool based on the EntreComp framework and SCIFY’s model. This toolkit will impact on the quality of the educational offer on the topic since it will represent a practical support for teachers and therefore, it will also be easily transferable among teachers, among different secondary schools and within different national contexts.

Finally Partners will design and test the online environment (IO4) as training space for teachers in particular and students to find out useful resources. The online course for teachers will be developed as a MOOC in order to allow large number of users and to facilitate its transferability and further exploitation.

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