Social entrepreneurship in times of the pandemic

Social enterprises in Europe make up for about 10% of businesses. The question that arises is whether the recent COVID 19 pandemic will have any effect on those numbers. As Covid 19 continues to spread around the world, social entrepreneurship is becoming more important than ever.

The whole world is facing an unprecedented global crisis. It is true that the pandemic has changed the way we work, learn, meet each other, entertain ourselves. People are restricted in their homes, with remote working and online classes becoming more and more common. Restrictions of movement and curfews have become the norm.

However, the fact that our world seems stagnant right now, does not mean that important social issues have ceased to exist.  On the contrary, there are several significant issues that have either been created by, or brought to the fore by the pandemic. Examples include the living conditions of disadvantaged groups that have been hit by COVID -19, social inequalities that are now worsened, unemployment, homelessness, depression etc.

It is in this context, characterized by uncertainty, that we need to rethink and reinvent education. Social entrepreneurs can and should respond to this crisis, by coming up with creative solutions to the pressing problems that we are faced with. Therefore, the importance of entrepreneurial skills is becoming more and more relevant, and the role of the teacher is becoming invaluable. Teachers need to be empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills, as they are the ones who can inspire young people to think outside the box and use their talents to improve our world. In other words, teachers need to make students understand that the unstable world we live in requires the ability to identify opportunities, as well as engage in critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and innovation in order to deal with complex issues.

It is for all those reasons why social entrepreneurship is more important than ever now.

Social entrepreneurship in times of the pandemic
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