Social Entrepreneurship and Voluntary for Students

Since the last decade, the sector of Social Entrepreneurship has been growing and spreading worldwide. The pitch that’s actually offered in the EU shows a sector that employees around 12 millions of workers and constitutes more than 10% of the European Gross Domestic Product (GDP)[1]. This would be enough to grasp the importance of this sector, but European data also reports that 1 out 3 new enterprises set in Europe belongs to this fast-growing sector, […]

Social entrepreneurship in times of the pandemic

Social enterprises in Europe make up for about 10% of businesses. The question that arises is whether the recent COVID 19 pandemic will have any effect on those numbers. As Covid 19 continues to spread around the world, social entrepreneurship is becoming more important than ever. The whole world is facing an unprecedented global crisis. It is true that the pandemic has changed the way we work, learn, meet each other, entertain ourselves. People are […]

Social entrepreneurship and autism

Autism is a brain condition characterized by various symptoms such as poor social skills, struggles in speech and non-verbal communication as well as repetitive behaviours. People dealing with this disorder are facing numerous consequences daily such as social exclusion and emotional trauma as they are often considered “inadequate” for regular employment. In fact, according to the UN, 80% of autistic adults are not part of the work force. At a European level, less than 10% […]

We all know how to motivate. But do we really know how it works? Do we use the right practices?

We have all had the feeling at some point of knowing how to motivate, and it seems that we find it easy at the beginning. But, when we implement our motivation plan, in the medium and long term most people lose motivation, and at that moment when we do not understand anything, we ask ourselves:   – What happened? Why it does not work? On other occasions, we have also had the feeling that it […]

The importance of teaching kids about social entrepreneurship

A high number of programs presently exist which focus on teaching children about entrepreneurship. Consequently, if children are being taught about entrepreneurship why not teach them about the positive version of entrepreneurship which is social entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurship is a version of entrepreneurship that aims at creating solutions for cultural, social and environmental issues. This is in contrast to the traditional entrepreneurship which focuses solely on wealth building and providing consumers proper services or products. […]

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