Output 4

The EnSoEd online environment will consist of two key components:

  1. The MOOC: the online course for teachers (IO2) offered as a MOOC in order to allow large number of users and to facilitate its transferability and further exploitation.
  2. The Structured ToolKit: It will contain the TooKit and related guidelines developed in IO3, organized online in a way that it promotes the tools’ association with the EnSoEd training programme and their interdependence. The Structured ToolKit will be based on the EntreComp platform created by SciFY and adapted to reflect the project’s findings that stem from IO1, IO2 and IO3. It will also allow the addition of more valuable resources, in a structured way (around EnSoEd skills/ competencies) such as: a) Available courses in other renowned MOOCs that meet relevance and quality criteria b) best practices and/or other EU-funded projects related to social entrepreneurship c) professional profiles of project supporters (VET educators , field experts etc.), that can form an initial supporting network.

eCourse for Teachers

Become a Social Entrepreneurship Teacher | Encourage the new generation of young social-entrepeuners!

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